Data Backup

Proper Data Backup Solutions Are a Must for Businesses To Protect And Maintain Business Continuity

Businesses store enormous amounts of data. Proper Data Backup is a must for Business Continuity.

Data Backup to the CloudData Backup is vital for businesses with even a relatively small number of users. Businesses can generate many terabytes of content each year in the form of word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, emails, images, scanned documents and many other content types. This content must be backed up for a variety of reasons, including disaster recovery, business continuity, legal and regulatory compliance, theft, and just good data protection practice.

Many organizations and users do not back up their data on a regular basis because they don’t have the time,
data backup processes are too time consuming, or they simply forget to do so.

What Could Happen to Destroy Your Data?

  • Natural Disaster
  • Power Outages
  • Failed Hardware
  • Forgetting to Backup

Why Consider Cloud-Based Data Backup

A Cloud Data Backup solution from NetSpring will automatically copy content to remote storage systems and make it available
with appropriate access credentials in case the need to retrieve information is required. There are several reasons that any organization should consider using a Cloud Backup solution from NetSpring:

  • Data will be protected
  • Corporate governance obligations will be easier to satisfy
  • Employee productivity will be improved
  • Cloud-based storage can be less expensive
  • No need to purchase and maintain backup equipment

Every organization should implement a data management plan to ensure that critical business data is available. Cloud-based data backup services will make automatic backups of your data to a remote storage where it will be protected and made available if needed.

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