Server Virtualization

Does Your Business In Need To Upgrade Computer Hardware?

Server Virtualization Can Be The Answer?


What is Server Virtualization?

Simply put, Server Virtualization is where one physical server is converted into multiple virtual machines. Virtualization allows a single server to simulate the behavior of many servers: running multiple independent virtual operating systems and applications simultaneously. Ideally, this paves the way for a more efficient use of precious IT resources.

Server Virtualization is about maximization.

Most of the time, servers are only using a small percentage of their processing capacity. With Server Virtualization it allows you to get efficient use of your servers reducing your overall hardware costs.

NetSpring can help sort out the issues and provide a roadmap to move into the Virtual environment. Your business can have skilled server virtualization experts working for you.

  • Is your business running off of several physical servers causing loss of space and organization?
  • Do you find your business constantly cluttered and still needing room for more servers?

Save space within your business by running off only one physical server holding several virtual servers in one organized and efficient place with Virtualization Server Solutions.

Benefits of Virtualization Servers:

  • Reduced Hardware Costs
  • Increased Security
  • Unparalleled Scalability
  • Improved Uptime
  • Centralized Management
  • Simplified Disaster Avoidance
  • Flexible Network Configurations
  • Rapid Deployment of New Servers
  • Increase Resource Density and Maximize Hardware ROI

With increased flexibility, performance and utilization you can easily move your server workloads from one virtual workspace to another without the hassle and high IT costs.

Virtualization in the Cloud

Although you Server Virtualizationcan get better bang for the buck out of your hardware with virtualization, you are still responsible for acquiring, managing, and replacing that hardware. IT staff still need to apportion the servers, administer change requests, and be responsible for the same patches, upgrades, and vendor roadmap concerns that traditional enterprise computing customers do.

Virtualization alone is a way to make better use of your infrastructure, but it doesn’t come close to the level of elasticity, empowerment, self-service, and automation of the cloud. Combining Virtualization with the Cloud can result in the best of both worlds. Cloud Services from NetSpring combine the flexibility of the cloud with the dedicated resources and customization capabilities of virtualization.

If your goal is to reduce technology cost, empower users, enable self-service, and get out of the IT infrastructure business, the answer lies in the cloud.

Speak with NetSpring today and learn more about our Server Virtualization services.  A member of our team will help you make sense of it and ensure you are getting the correct level of service to meet the needs of your business.

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