Privacy Policy

NetSpring Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the NetSpring web site. NetSpring is committed to quality in all of its business operations, including maintaining the supreme integrity of our data and the privacy of our customers. In furtherance of our commitment to our customers, we have implemented and abide by the following privacy policy in order to protect the privacy of all visitors to our web site.

NetSpring respects the privacy of its customers, and therefore NetSpring’s Privacy Policy is that we does not use data collected from our customers, whether order information or client information, for any purpose other than for conducting the NetSpring Services. Additionally, NetSpring shall at all times abide by federal and state laws and regulations in regard to customer collected data from our web site. Strict measures will be taken to ensure the integrity and privacy of all information submitted by customers to NetSpring.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding NetSpring’s privacy policy, Please contact us.

Thank you for visiting the NetSpring Web Site.